What is Every Woman?

It’s Spring!  Take the time to tap into the BEST of you! We all know what it feels like to get lost in our laundry list of activities, forgetting to make time for our personal health & wellness, and sometimes even forgetting to breathe! With the start of Spring here is an event and opportunity that will both nourish and inspire you through the seasons ahead.  

every womanWhat is every WOMAN?  You want to be your best self! You like to be active. You are not quite as active as you like. You like to try new things. You love nature. You love feeling great. You love being healthy. every WOMAN is an opportunity to try activities you’ve never tried, or things you haven’t done since you were a kid. every WOMAN Events connect, support and motivate women of all ages, shapes & sizes to be active through fitness and wellness workshops. Because you want to. Humour recommended. Movement guaranteed. Over 80 fabulous workshops & events to choose from!


Details:every WOMAN – Whistler May 30 – June 1 Nita Lake Lodge.

Early Bird Registration until April 15 is $249 for a full weekend of events. After April 15: $299 . Visit the every WOMAN site for a complete listing of workshops to participate in.

As a returning sponsor and long time workshop facilitator

brita_closeup_lo_resBrita McLaughlin (Owner: Brita McLaughlin Coaching & Associates) has definitely drunk the     koolaid and encourages all women to take time for themselves this spring to join her at this event: “I just LOVE  this event – I’ve tried so many new forms of activities that I never would have otherwise… everything from      laughter Yoga to Groove FIT, Belly dancing & hoola hooping to red carpet walking and I’ve made many  great friends  along the way…. It is such a unique opportunity to be able to get a taste of activities you have never tried before.”


Brita will be facilitating two wellness workshops at every WOMAN this year including:  

Access Your Best Self – Live a Life You Love ( All about building rock solid confidence)

New!! REVVVV Up Your Relationships!( Improve your Relationships with whoever you want!)

Brita McLaughlin & every Woman invite you to ENTER the

Inspire Your SELF Sweepstakes! You can WIN up to $1500 prizes – including $700+ golf package at Big Sky Golf & Country Club!


bmc_logo_reverse_WEB_tagline_003Brita McLaughlin Coaching: A Certified Life Coach & Relationship Coach, Facilitator and Speaker, Brita has enjoyed supporting hundreds of clients to extraordinary breakthroughs throughout North America for over 14 years now.  Brita is particularly passionate about supporting women to raise the bar for themselves. She is also a Relationship Mastery Expert and enjoys coaching personal & professional partnerships; families & teams to wellness. Brita is dedicated to supporting her clients to be emotionally and spiritually whole; to believe in themselves and take inspired actions from that place. Her motto is “Inspire your SELF- Love your LIFE”


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