A Kinder Surprise In Italy!

397719_518717761494344_51720000_aAs summer comes to a close I am reflective of the wonderful months that have gone by.  My family was fortunate enough to take a trip to Italy for three weeks.  We had been planning the trip for over a year and all of our extended family and some close friends were able to join us as well.

We had such a great time touring around all of the major cities in Italy like Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre and then we settled into an Italian Villa in Tuscany for the remainder of our trip.  My children are age 10 and 7 and they were amazing on the trip. I was worried that they would get bored viewing church after church and touring around the cities….but, they were rock stars and didn’t complain “hardly” at all!  I guess the copious amounts of gelato that I was feeding them may have helped a little bit.

The summer months in Italy are much hotter than in Canada.  We averaged about 38 degrees our first week, then it “cooled down” to around 30 degrees for the remainder of our time there.  As long as we had cold water to drink we didn’t mind the heat much.  All of us were too distracted by the beauty of the countryside and the delicious food to notice just how hot it really was.

One interesting comment that my daughter made was that there weren’t very many kids around when we went on tours, etc.  I got to thinking about it and she was right.  I can only assume that the Italian locals escape to the coast for their summer holidays to beat the heat and leave touring around the big cities for the summer tourists!!

When you are traveling in a different country with children you always want to make sure that you inject some sort of normalcy to your day.  You want to make sure that you can find some of the foods that they are used to eating and find some folks who speak the same language as you.  This helps kids to feel comfortable in their surroundings.  So, it was funny when we were in Rome and touring around in all the shops I heard my son call my name and he sounded very excited at what he had found.  When I got over to him to see what was so exciting it turns out he had found an Italian Kinder Egg.  It looks exactly like the ones you get in Canada but all the wording was written in Italian.  He asked if he could bring a couple home to his friends so we did.  Interesting that with all the unique things in the store we were in he found the one item that made him remember home….but, with an Italian twist.   Now, I just needed to determine how I was going to get the Kinder Eggs home in my suitcase without them melting all over my souvenirs!

For Some Exciting Kinder News:

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“Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own”


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