Breastfeeding in public – another debate

breastfeeding-motherA mother from Burnaby, B.C., says she was embarrassed by a United Airlines flight attendant when she started breastfeeding her baby on a recent flight.

Kristen Hilderman and her husband were on board a flight from Houston to Vancouver on Sunday when their five-month-old son started to cry. Not wanting her noisy baby to annoy her fellow passengers Kristen decided to feed him in the hope that it would stop him crying.

It was then that a male flight attendant appeared with a blanket, asked her husband if he was with her, and then tossed a blanket at him and told him “to help her out.” When Kristen tried to question the flight attendant as to what she needed help with he ignored her and walked away.

“I went beet red and the passengers around us stared with their mouth agape,” she wrote in a post on Twitter.

“It made me feel like I was doing something wrong. It called into question feeding my son in public. I started thinking should I not be doing this? Should I have a blanket over myself? Are people offended by this?”

Amazingly it seems that even in 2015 some people are still offended by breastfeeding in public. Erica was the guest on CBC Radio Vancouver this week when the topic was discussed. To listen to the podcast follow this link:


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