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authors of parenting book

Erica Wells

A mother, wife and businesswoman, Erica Wells lives in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband and two children. Erica graduated from University with her Bachelor of Business Administration and has held numerous senior sales and marketing roles throughout her former corporate career.

Once Erica gave birth to her two treasured children she decided to take a break from the corporate life and spend time writing about her wonderful experiences with her two little ones. She now enjoys the challenges of being a Mortgage Broker by day and published author by night. As the co-author and co-founder of The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms, Erica is passionate about motherhood and a champion for women’s growth and development in her local community, on the web and across all aspects of social media.

Never one for a dull moment, Erica continues to engage mother’s around the globe with her video blogs, survival4moms.com web advice and appearances on TV and Radio.

Lorraine Regel

Resting on the laurels of winning second prize in a school novel writing competition at age 10, Lorraine took a break from her writing career; a long 28 year break. In 2006, inspired by her toddler’s voracious appetite for a good story and spurred on by the glut of dire picture books she encountered, she decided she could do better and began work on a children’s picture book. This book is still a work in progress, but moved to the back burner since the conception of The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms. So, Lorraine cannot boast an illustrious writing career, but even J.K. Rowling’s author bio must have been fairly thin at one time.

Lorraine was born and raised in Essex, England. After a fairly unremarkable thirty years of schooling, art college and a career in banking she changed gear in 1999 and in a busy decade moved to Vancouver, Canada; got engaged in Alaska; was married in Las Vegas; had two babies and while getting to grips with her new career as stay-at-home-mom wrote this book.

Lorraine doesn’t claim to be a parenting expert in any way, but she has one important credential: she admits to excelling at being a clueless new mom. Having recently worked her way through the trials and tribulations of the first year of motherhood, she describes it as easily the biggest upheaval of her life and knows first hand the importance of support, friendship and comradeship during this period.