How Lucky Are You?

When it comes to luck…..I have only won one thing in my life.  When I was in elementary school I put my name in a contest to win a 100 pound chocolate egg from a local chocolate store.  It was a big Easter promotion for the chocolate shop in order to entice young kids into their store after seeing the 100 pound chocolate egg sitting in their store window.  I went to the store every day and entered my name into the contest (all the while purchasing other chocolate treats for myself of course).  I was distraught when I found out that I was going to be out of town with my family on the day of the draw.  One of the contest stipulations was that you HAD to be present during the draw… the time I thought it was a silly rule…..but now, after putting on my marketing hat, I totally understand why the store had that stipulation 🙂

I am sure you can expect where I am headed with this…..I DID win the contest but I wasn’t there to claim the prize.  I was devastated to hear the news upon returning from my family vacation.  BUT, now that I am older and wiser I am so happy  that I in fact didn’t win the 100 pound chocolate egg….imagine the sugar rush I would have had…..all the pimples I probably would have gotten….and I probably would have gained about 100 pounds from eating all that chocolate.

From this experience I learned two things…..first off, persistence pays off and secondly NO child needs a 100 pound chocolate egg!!!!


We are excited to tell you about the Kinder® Surprise 2014 promotion of Kinder® Crack’n Win®.  This is a fun promotion designed to celebrate the launch of their new toy collections.  There are over $2.4 million in instant prizes to be won and entering couldn’t be easier! Keep an eye out for specially-marked Kinder® Surprise® Classic and Pink products in stores.

Inside each specially-marked Kinder® Surprise® egg, you will find a PIN embossed on the toy and/or toy leaflet within the capsule.

Once you’ve found your code, entering the contest is super-duper easy.  Simply visit the Kinder® Canada Facebook Page at  (and “Like” the page, if you haven’t already ) , enter your PIN code (along with some additional information as required) and click “Check Your PIN”.

What is up for grabs, you ask? Well, one lucky Kinder® fan could drive away in a Fiat 500 POP!  As well, 2 lucky Kinder® fans could win a family trip to Orlando!  Ahhhhh….sweet sunshine and warmth, how I’m missing you.  But, that’s not all!  Over 27,000 Kinder® fans could win a family night out to the movies, and 201,000 fans could win a free Kinder® treat!  Who could ask for more? 🙂   This is definitely better than willing a 100 pound chocolate egg, that’s for sure!!!

“Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own”


Who else thinks Mike looks good as a glitter ball?

As the school term came to a close we drew up a list of activities that we would like to enjoy this summer holiday. Days at the beach, waterpark, cycling, theme parks, picnics…it’s a long list and I’m not sure if we’ll fit it all in, but we’ll definitely have fun trying.

One ‘to-do’ we’d already crossed off in week one was a trip to the cinema to see Monsters University. We’ve been waiting for this…since…what seems like forever – since we heard a sequel (or in this case prequel) was in the pipeline. Of course when it comes to these complex Pixar masterpieces the pipeline is so very long.


We don’t tend to go to the movie theatre that much – only for the real big ‘must see’ movies and although Pickle has seen a few biggies at the cinema over the last few years, this was Bowser’s first. He enjoys TV shows, but his attention tends to wander before a DVD movie is through. We’d been in our seats for only 10 minutes before he had declared he was bored and we were still on the trailers, so I prepared for some fidgeting and thought there might be need of gentle persuasion (“here, eat more popcorn”) to allow me to see the whole movie. However, I need not have worried – as soon as little Mike Wazowski the preschooler appeared on screen Bowser was captivated and sat still and engaged until the closing credits, with the last few Maltesers in the pack a melted mess clutched in his sweaty palm. Result!

To be brutally honest, I was a bit disappointed in Monsters University. It was a good movie, but it lacked that certain something that makes a great movie. The script was sadly lacking in laughs compared to the hilarious Monsters Inc: such a hard act to follow. The brilliant teaser trailer where Mike becomes a glitter ball was, IMHO, funnier than the rest of the gags that actually made it in to the movie. So for me and anyone else who thinks Mike looks good as a disco ball…

But who cares what I think? I’m only a parent. The kids loved it and that’s all that matters. What’s more, I know they are going to love the new Monsters University Kinder® Surprise® packs. For the first time ever specially-marked Kinder® Surprise® packages are guaranteed to contain 100% licensed toys. That’s right, every Kinder Egg in these packs will contain a Monsters University character, so get ready for your kids to go nuts with monster fever as they try to collect the whole cast of 12 minifigures. Visit Kinder Canada’s facebook page now to see the new toy collection and cast a vote for your favourite monster.

Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Each One Is Different!

After I had my first child I thought I had everything figured out about this parenting gig.  I thought that it would be no problem to have a second child as I have learned so much with my first….how different could a second child really be?  Don’t all children do the same things and act the same way?  THEN, I had my second child, who granted was a boy and not a girl like my first child.  But, having gender differences was to be expected.

What I didn’t expect was the complete and total opposite distinctions in both children from all aspects of their personality.  My daughter would eat anything I put in front of her.  My son won’t touch any food unless it’s caked in sugar.  My daughter takes over an hour to settle into bed and fall asleep.  My son falls asleep as soon as his head hits his pillow.  My daughter is super artistic and creative.  My son is a sports jock through and through.

When it comes down to the more emotional differences my daughter is stubborn as….well….as me 🙂   My son is the true meaning of the saying “water off a ducks back”.  My daughter is independent and only rarely really needs a snuggle and hug from mommy.  Whereas my son holds my hand whenever possible and showers me with kisses….even when his friends are watching!

Both children have such great attributes and both have some challenging attributes.  I could never have guessed that either would turn out the way they have and each personality would be so thought provoking to handle.

One trait that both my children share is their love of singing.  It’s rare that I can get them to sing together anymore but I do want to share this video of them singing a couple of years ago…..I’m a bit bias but I think it’s very cute!

Kinder® Surprise® Pink and Kinder Canada understand that each child is unique.  In order to celebrate our children Kinder Canada will hosting an exclusive Facebook contest. With the contest already started, you will be able to participate simply by becoming a friend of Kinder Canada and telling Kinder Canada what makes YOUR child so unique! You could be lucky enough to scoop up one of three $250 VISA gift cards!  You can also check out their new fun toy collection for girls and boysFor more contest details follow this link and good luck!

Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

What an Egg’ Citing Month Ahead!

Langley 2-20130313-01211Hey Parents, just in case you haven’t had a moment to get your chicks……I mean ducks in a row, Easter is coming early this year!  That’s right, it lands on March 31st instead of the first weekend in April.

Each year we always take a family trip to Papa and Grammas’ house to celebrate Easter with the Aunties and Cousins.  It’s a big family affair and Papa always puts on a big Easter Egg hunt that keeps the kids occupied for hours. Somehow the Easter Bunny always knows to go to Papa’s house instead of our house. This might have something to do with the kids writing said bunny of Easter a lengthy and pointed letter each year to remind him of our Spring vacation plans and the change of venue.  Adding to the excitement are special touches like Mr. Bunny leaving a foot print trail around the house so the kids absolutely know that he’s been there. You try crinkling up your foot into the shape of a bunny paw…sheesh, the things we do to keep traditions alive. I am a bit concerned that my husband seems to be as shocked as the kids on the paw print trail and I may have to have a heart to heart discussion with him over the viability of human sized magical rabbits.

Seriously though…embrace Easter and make it fun fun fun. It’s a great time to celebrate Spring and all the wonderful renewal the mother earth goes through at this time of year.  Plants, flowers and baby animals are part of the season. One great tradition for us is the morning wake up to little hollow plastic eggs with secret notes inside scattered around the homestead. Open the egg and read a rhyme that tells the kids where to look for some seasonal presents.  The presents can be hidden anywhere from inside the dryer to outside in the backseat of the car. The adventure is more in the finding than the little trinkets that make up the booty.  A pack of Easter stickers or a bag of Kinder Mini Eggs is always a favorite.

To cap the day, decorating eggs at is always a fun activity for the whole family.  Kinder Surprise has come out with a fun Egg Decorating Kit that is handy and easy to use and works well for all ages.  My daughter loves to make tie-die eggs and then sprinkle glitter on them….the glitzier the better! From her perspective. If your short on ideas you can always visit the Kinder Easter Gallery and discover Kinder goodness to help provide you with thoughts on how to make your children’s Easter special.


Kinder Surprise is always putting on a fun “Shake and Win” contest on Facebook starting March 4th with 1,000 free Kinder® Mini Eggs coupons and 1,000 free Kinder® Surprise® 100g Egg coupons up for grabs over five straight weekdays!.

Also, if you visit the Kinder Surprise Facebook page who will be donating $1 to Children’s Miracle Network of Canada for every new friend of their Facebook Page from March 1st to 31st, up to $25,000.

Have a great Easter from us at Survival4Moms!

Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”